Lisbon was chosen to host the 2019 edition of the Ibero-Brazilian Energy Conference, because it is one of the cities of the Iberian Peninsula that has stood out internationally. In recent years, the capital of Portugal has seen a vertiginously grow in the tourism industry, being awarded in 2017 with the title of “best European destination” (World Travel Awards). More and more, the city has also attracted foreign investors and bets on creativity and entrepreneurship, including high-profile stakes in several energy and sustainable based projects. It receives, annually, thousands of university students, mainly Brazilians and Spaniards, due to the excellence of its universities and polytechnic institutes.

The largest business groups in the country are located in the Greater Lisbon area, many of which are expected to become sponsors of CONIBEN 2019. It also has the best Portuguese infrastructures for the organization of these kind of events, having been chosen to host ten more editions of the largest technological conference in the world – the Web Summit. Its accessibility and transport network, including the fastest growing airport in Western Europe, are also very positive aspects, given the foreseeable presence of specialists and participants from other regions and nations. There is a vast cultural and gastronomic offer to complement the event.

It is a metropolis open to technological innovation and experience, making it the ideal place to bring together the best professionals, the largest companies, policymakers, researchers and academics around the most current and challenging scenarios in the energy sector.