The Ibero-Brazilian Energy Conference – CONIBEN, on “Sustainability and Energy Transition: new directions for the energy sector“, is the result of a multi-disciplinary initiative that brings together Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish specialists from different professional and scientific fields, supported by companies and other organizations.

The main objective of the event is to present to the professional, political and academic community new trends in the energy sector, based on key vectors from the field, such as sustainability, the transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency, in order to establish a productive dialogue and, thus, a mutual and comparative learning on the developments and innovations of the energy industry in Brazil, Portugal and Spain.

CONIBEN aims to provide a meeting point for energy references at Ibero-Brazilian and international levels – especially with regard to the sustainable, rational and intelligent use of fossil and renewable resources – by bringing together different sector players on an interactive platform aimed specifically at discussing issues, exchanging experiences and conducting business, strengthening the relations between consumers, producers, governments, markets and academics in these countries.


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