Call for technical and scientific papers to be presented at CONIBEN 2019, according to guidelines available in the “Submission Guidelines” tab. Abstracts, e-Posters and Communications should be submitted according to the thematic groups described below and/or other energy topics.

Group 1: Electricity, Renewable Energies and the Environment

Electricity Production from Renewable Sources

Technological Dynamics and Electricity Sector Regulation

Energy Transition and Decarbonization of Economies

Integrating Renewable Energy into the Electrical System

Protection of Renewable Energies Investments

Group 2: Instruments and Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Constructions, Industry, Transportation and State

Real Estate Energy Certification and Auditing

Eco-design and Energy Labelling

Energy Efficiency Contracting

Group 3: Intelligent Technologies, Data Protection and Management

Smart Cities

Smart Grids

Smart Meters

Distributed Generation and Cogeneration

Electricity Self-Consumption

Electrical Mobility

IoT, Big Data and Data Analytics

Communication Systems


Group 4: Prospects for the Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuel Industry


Sustainability and Regulation

Oil & Gas Markets

Renewable Fuel Markets

Government Programs (RenovaBio, v.g.)

Digital Transformation and New Technologies

Group 5: Transversal Issues of the Energy Sector

Energy Sector Taxation

Smart Regulatory Governance

Energy Sector Financing

Arbitration and Protection of Investments

Energy Markets

Contractual Structures of Energy Projects

Technical, Technological and Operational Developments

Energy Infrastructures and Environmental Concerns