CONIBEN 2019 will be interactive and feature lectures, talk shows, workshops, e-posters, communications, bargaining tables and project exhibition, products, and energy-related services.

The programming of the event will cover subjects very different from the (sub)areas of the energy sector, focusing mainly on technical, regulatory, environmental, legal, political, social, economic and technological issues that are on the agenda of companies and other sectoral agents.

Various professional and scientific fields will be articulated with perspectives related to energy transition and security (diversification, supply and efficiency), environmental sustainability and economic development.

The main idea is to encourage the transversality of approaches, interconnecting knowledge, in search of new directions capable of equating the most daring and diversified challenges of the Iberian and Brazilian Energy Markets (electricity, renewable energies, oil, gas, biofuels, etc.).

The preliminary program of CONIBEN 2019 can be found below.

Programa Preliminar